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Smudgespray/auraspray/rumsspray 5-pack

325 kr
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Smudgespray/auraspray/rumsspray 5-pack
Varje flaska innehåller 50ml.
Aromafume Spiritual Awareness natural mist set, to purify your home of any negative stagnant energy and freshen the air with just a few sprays. It takes you into a deeper meditative state and leaves a pleasant, light scent that gently disperses into space, leaving it calm and energised.
This set contains:
1x Copal air freshener spray
1x Myrrh air freshener spray
1x Frankincense air freshener spray
1x Benzoin air freshener spray
1x Frankincense & Myrrh air freshener spray
For aura cleansing or room spray
Use at home or on the go
100% plant-based & eco-friendly
CFC Free, Non-ozone depleting
Phthalate Free
Reusable and recyclable bottles
Direction for use
Use daily in the home, office, car or yoga studio. Spray in a sweeping motion for a few seconds. Can be used regularly.


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