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Creating Smudge Sticks-15 Projects to Remove Negative Energy and Promote Wellness

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Creating Smudge Sticks- 15 Projects to Remove Negative Energy and Promote Wellness.
Inbunden, 128 sidor på engelska.
En otroligt fin bok med vackra bilder och bra praktiska tips att tillverka sina egna smudgebuntar.
Smudging is an ancient ritual most commonly used forpurification and the removal of negative energy but can also enhancemindfulness, joy, serenity, and even creativity. Learn to raise your vibrationsby creating smudge sticks with 15 projects, starting from the most basic sagestick and progressing to elaborate floral bundles.
Each project is made using fresh flowers,plants, and herbs that are then stored in a cool location to dry before using. From the calm-inducing Stress Relief Smudge with lavender and sage, to theAnti-Anxiety Smudge with bay leaf and rosemary, discover recipes to suit yourevery need.
An inspirational quote and suggested intention are included witheach project. Now you can benefit from this powerful tradition, no matter whatyour background. All you need is an open heart and an open mind!


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