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Doftljus Tridosha Lavendel Ayurveda

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Doftljus Tridosha Lavendel Ayurveda
Ayurvedic scented candle made from luxurious coconut butter and soy wax, scented with the finest essential oils.
Hand-poured with a coton wick in a brown coloured glass jar, packed in a stylish cardboard tube packaging with tassel.
Brinntid:±55 timmar.
Scent profile Tridosha
The wonderful balance between the calming power of lavender and the refreshing essence of citrusy lemongrass makes it the ideal essential oil blend for Tridosha.
Characteristics of Tridosha (constitution)
Inherently at ease, harmonious individuals, exuberating a natural balance. Usually of medium build, they have an ideal physique. They may fear the unknown and find it difficult to manage extremely stressful situations.
Always trim wick to 0.5 cm each time before burning.
Discontinue use when ±1 cm wax remains in bottom.
Burn at least one hour per 2 cm of candle diameter each time the candle is lit to ensure the best burning efficiency.
Do not burn longer than 4 hours at any one time.
​For indoor use only.


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