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Gospel Of Aradia Oracle,tarot,orakelkort,moderjord Gospel Of Aradia Oracle,tarot,orakelkort,moderjord

Gospel Of Aradis Oracle

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Gospel Of Aradia Oracle
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In historical accounts, Aradia has many faces - she is depicted as the daughter of a goddess, as the leader of a resistance movement, as the 'first witch,' as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and, at times, as a mere mythological legend. As we delve into the mythos of Aradia, we realise that regardless of who she is, we can still glean so much from the powerful stories that form her legacy. Aradia courageously spoke her truth, compassionately assisted others and unflinchingly searched her own soul along the way. Through this deck, her energy comes to you now to help you do the same. Walk hand in hand with Aradia, as she guides you along your pilgrim journey, transforming the obstacles in your way into unique opportunities for spiritual growth and blessing your path with her extraordinary magic and wisdom. 36 Cards & 112 page guidebook


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