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Doftspray/Rumsspray/Auraspray PITTA Aqua Oud

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Doftspray/Rumsspray/Auraspray PITTA
Cooling and Soothing
Aqua Oud - cooling and soothing natural mist to purify your home of any negative stagnant energy and freshen the air with just a few sprays. It takes you into a deeper meditative state and leaves a pleasant, light scent that gently disperses into space, leaving it calm and energised.
Ayurveda (Pitta) Rroom freshener 50 ml
Aqua oudh - cooling and soothing
Easy-to-use spray bottle with goldcolour spray pump & cap
Natural essential oils & sugarcane alcohol
Non-toxic and 100% natural
Free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)


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