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The Book of Witchy Wellbeing

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Book of Witchy Wellbeing - Bok
- Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Sacred Self-Care
144 sidor, på engelska.
A practical and enchanting handbook for creating personal magic and wellness, filled with healing spells, intentions, rituals, and recipes—the essentials of witchy self-care and wisdom.
Nowadays, it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed, uneasy, and often in need of essential self-care and enchantment. The Book of Witchy Wellbeing is a book for these times, offering tried and true spells, rituals, recipes, and meditations to help get your life to the next level of wellness. Cerridwen Greenleaf shares easy-to-do practices informed by her decades of implementing the power of intention-setting in her life, from setting up your wellness altar to healing movements, affirmations, and crystals, as well as healthy and nurturing recipes for magical teas and tinctures. We hear so much about self-care now, but soul-care is of equal importance. The Book of Witchy Wellbeing is replete with approaches to deepen your connection to spirituality that is essential to real happiness, a wisdom-filled life, and total wellness.


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